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The Physio Centre Services
Physiotherapists assist people with movement disorders which may have been present since birth, acquired through accident or injury ie. sporting or work injuries, or the result of life-threatening events ie. MVA. Physiotherapy can help repair damage by speeding up the healing process and reducing pain and stiffness. Physiotherapy will assess your condition, diagnose the problem and help you understand the problem. Physiotherapy uses a wide variety of treatments to assist in your recovery, and will include education and advice, while continuing to monitor your progress.

Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise therapy used by physiotherapists to improve flexibility, strength and balance. Clinical Pilates combines traditional pilates’ concepts with the latest scientific research making it a safe method in the management of most injuries. An individual program is prescribed using specialised equipment including the spring loaded reformer, wundachair, ball, roller and mats.

Remedial/Sports Massage
Massage involves the practice of manipulation of soft tissues and plays an important role in the treatment and ongoing management of soft tissue injury. Our experienced massage therapists can relax muscles, improve circulation, decrease stress, relieve cramps or spasms, alleviate pain, improve flexibility and enhance general well-being.

Dry Needling
Involves the insertion of a solid, filament needle, as is used in acupuncture, usually inserted into a specific area of tension known as a myofascial trigger point. These trigger points can refer pain and upset the equilibrium of muscle tissue. Dry needling these sites helps to deactivate and resolve these trigger points, which in turn results in a reduction in pain.

Pre Employment Screening/Physical Assesment
As an employer, a key consideration when employing new staff is the consideration of physical pre-employment status. This screening helps to identify any current or pre-existing injuries, loss of strength or range of movement, ability to maintain and assume certain postures, along with current manual handling skills. Our pre-employment screening is inclusive of a written screening procedure, followed by a full physical screening assessment, with a completed report to the employer upon completion.

Worksite Visits
Providing on-site worksite assessments is a critical component for injured workers. Experienced staff will attend the workplace to identify potential issues for returning workers allowing recommendations in regards to safe return to work and injury prevention strategies.

Musculoskeletal Screening
Aims to identify a problem before it leads to an injury. By completing a thorough assessment of an individual's musculoskeletal system we can make recommendations to help avoid further consequences, in doing so maximising your personal performance.

Taping/Bracing Products
A common concern post injury is safe return to sport, work and normal activities of daily living. We take the stress of this away by providing a taping service (at a small cost), which does not require an appointment, to allow a safe and confident return. In addition, we also stock on-site a number of bracing products to assist you long-term, and if we don't currently have in stock we can source for you in the minimum of time.